City officials explained the presence of the fence in Bozdosh: they say, no land has been sold

We spread the information from social networks about a strange fence in the Bozdosh park, as well as about construction works there.

The publication, which covers the activities of local authorities, published information, which denies that the fence indicates that the land has been sold.

This is what they say:

"The fence was set up in the area, which was previously defined as the fan zone during the Euro’ 2012. Last fall, the fence was set up there for the biker festival. Then, part of the park was separated for the performance of the Finnish band The Rasmus. 

The next day after the festival, the fence was dismantled, but part of the fence has not yet been removed.    The area itself has not been leased, not to mention sold to anybody.

The fence, according to the director of the park Lev Nekrechiy, is not dismantled, as this area will continue to be used for paid events. The leader of Uzhgorod biker club "Padonki" Oleksandr Sukhanov even had plans to arrange a city amphitheater there.  Therefore, all residents of the city may visit absolutely every corner of the Bozdosh park, including the fenced territory" – the newspaper wrote.

However, they said nothing on the other raised issue – the territory for the building of the church, where a house is being erected and a pit has appeared…

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