City locations where Uzhgorod utilities are working today

Today, in Uzhgorod, illumination is being installed on the pedestrian bridge, traffic lights are being checked on the left bank of the city.

The roads are sprinkled with an anti-ice mixture.

Employees of the servicing enterprises are cleaning the territories assigned to them, using special equipment. Illegal landfills are being cleared on General Svoboda, Oleksandr Bohomolets, Antoniy Hodynka, Fedir Dostoevsky, Vilmosh Kovach, Istvan Secheni, Oleksandr Popadynets, Petro Hulak-Artemovsky, Pavlo Pestel, Mynaiska streets, at Svoboda ave. 18, 25.

Major repair continue on Tyvodar Lehotsky street, Sandor Petofi Square, Slovyanska embankment, repair of soft roofs of residential buildings at Roman Shukhevych st., 10a, Stepan Rudansky st., 5, tent roofs of residential buildings at Zahorska st., 15, Kapushanska st., 32, Kanalna st., 27, Adolf Dobriansky st., 14.

Playground is being repaired at 8 Bereznya st., 30, water supply and sewerage of a residential building at Vilmosh Kovach st., 13, elevator of a residential building at Tyvodar Lehotsky st., 70.

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