City locations where Uzhgorod utilities are working today

Today, in Uzhgorod, street lighting is being repaired on Hodynka, Novak streets, lamps are being replaced on Mykola Bobyak street. Traffic light is being repaired at the intersection of Yuri Gagarin and Oleksandr Blystiv streets.
Storm drains are being cleaned in the city.
Employees of servicing companies are cleaning the territories assigned to them. Illegal landfills are being cleared at Svoboda Ave., 31, Tyvodar Lehotsky st., 76, Adam Mickiewicz st., Volodymyrska st., 84.
Major repairs are being carried out on Kapushanska, Griboedov, Yuri Gagarin, Polonynska streets, Slovyanska embankment, Sandor Petofi Square, the inner-bloc territory at Kapushanska st., 155.

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