City locations where Uzhgorod utilities are working today

Today, in Uzhgorod, street lighting is being repaired on Yuri Zhatkovych street, power line post is being repaired on Sobranetska street, traffic light is being installed at the intersection of Zakarpatska and Zahorska st.
Flower beds in the city are being watered and weeded. Grass is being mown on the slope of Pravoslavna embankment, Ivan Olbracht, Mykola Bobyak st.
Employees of service enterprises are cleaning the territories assigned to them, used special equipment at night. Illegal landfills are being cleared on Onokivska, Ilya Brodlakovych, Antoniy Hodynka, Volodymyrska, Yuriy Gagarin, Vasyl Komendar street.
Overhaul of the pavement is being carried out on Sandor Petofi Square, Slovyanska Embankment, inner-bloc territories at 8 Bereznya st., 26, 28, Volodymyrska, 65. Current repairs are being carried out on Daibozka, Sriblyasta, Sobranetska streets, Vitaly Postolaki Square.

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