City deputies today adopted the program for the preparation of land plots for sale for 2018-2020

The regular session of Uzhgorod City Council has begun. 35 deputies are present in the hall. One of the issues on the agenda was the program for the preparation of land plots for sale for 2018-2020.

 This program was supported today by the majority of the deputies of Uzhgorod City Council. The document states that from 2013 to 2017, 34 civil agreements have been concluded in Uzhgorod, the total area of ​​land transferred under those agreements was 3.63 hectares.

The program will be implemented taking into account the number of appeals from interested parties regarding the purchase of land plots and the decisions taken by the Uzhgorod City Council in the manner prescribed by law.

The financing of the program will be carried out at the expense of the city development budget of Uzhgorod. The cost of estimator services for the preparation of reports on expert evaluation of land plots will be paid after the interested persons (who have been granted permission for the develeopment of land expert evaluation) have made the advance payment, the limits of which are defined by the Land Code of Ukraine.

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