City authorities to start looking for a company collecting garbage

Today, on July 18, during a meeting, the members of the executive committee of Uzhgorod city council voted for the announcement of a new tender for a company performing services for collection and transportation of solid household waste in the city.

The tender will begin on August 1 and will last 60 days, that is already on September 30 the name of the company, which will clean Uzhgorod, should become known.

Interestingly, in the conditions of the tenders it is noted that the cost of providing services to the population for apartment buildings and detached houses should not exceed 7.21 UAH / person for all types of services; for apartment buildings in the absence of one or two types of amenities – 8.24 UAH / person; for single-family homes with gardens – 7.54 UAH / person; for public institutions and other consumers – 42.33 UAH/m3.
This means that the cost of cleaning services and garbage collection may grow before the end of this year.

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