Chronicle of the Carpathian Ukraine 1919-1939 – the film “Silver Land” – will be shown in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

On March 14, at 21:00, the screening of documentary film "Silver Land. Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine. 1919-1939" will take place in the "Pid zamkom" cafe-museum (Uzhgorod). 

For centuries Transcarpathia was isolated from other Ukrainian lands politically and culturally. After the World War I, the region experienced the revival of national identity.
In early 1939, when Europe was preparing for the next war, the struggle for control of the region escalated. In difficult conditions of political and military confrontation, Carpathian Ukraine was proclaimed sowing the grain of future independent Ukraine…
The film was created by the NGO "Ukrainian Galician Assembly" together with "Invert Pictures Film Studio". Director – Taras Khymych, composer – Lyubomyr Solomchenko, producer – Taras Choliy, sound engineer – Roman Mykulsky, narrator – Pavlo Nechitaylo. 
The presentation of the journal with the same title will be held in Uzhgorod on March 14 at 18:00, in the ILKO Gallery.

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