“Christmas in Uzhgorod”: Fundraiser (Announcement)

Christmas is one of the favorite holidays for the residents of our region. These days, families get together, socialize, sing carols. And many are waiting for a great Christmas concert!

That is why tomorrow, January 9, 2016, at 18:00, in the Transcarpathian Regional Music and Drama Theatre, there will be the Charity event "Christmas in Uzhgorod 2016"!

Programme of the event:
1.  The ensemble "New Family", which will present you poems, dances and carols.

2. Miroslava Kopynets, who will sing for you.

3. Natalia Sentymerey, who will recite "Christmas Tale by Ivan Franko"

4. Folklore group "Hudatska Taistra", which will perform Transcarpathian songs.

5. People’s vocal ensemble "Uzhanka" led by Vasylyna Holyanych, which will sing carols.

6. Denys Nikitin – author and performer of his own songs.

7. Vladislav Tovtyn, who will perform songs,

8. Ensemble "Namysto" with a number of Christmas carols 

9. Special guests from Luhansk region, cultural representatives of eastern Ukraine, duo "Flying Swan:, which are the founders of the BitBox & Guitar culture

Did you get interested in the program of the Charity event "Christmas in Uzhgorod 2016"?

In this case, you must take care of the tickets. You can buy them:
– at box office of the Transcarpathian Regional Music and Drama Theater;
– by calling 0955140459 – Irina Shevchenko,
– and also by bank transfer:
account number 2600301687856
USREOU 40057890
bank code 325365 (KredoBank) 
recipient NGO "Institute for Local Community Development"
purpose of payment – donation.
Contact person – Irina Shevchenko (0955140459)

In addition to the performances of the Charity event participants, you will have a chance to visit:
1) Art exhibition of paintings, embroideries
2) Food Fest

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