Chop customs officials detained an ancient coin made 250 years ago

Recently, in one of the international mail packages Chop customs officers found a 200-years-old silver coin hidden in foil, which a citizen of Ukraine was trying to illegally send to the Czech Republic.

The registered letter from Kyiv region was addressed to the Czech capital. During the inspection the inspectors of the customs post "Chop-Zaliznychny" found an ancient coin dated from 1762 wrapped in foil and carefully sealed with adhesive tape. On one side of the coin there is an image of the face with the inscription "Peter III", on the other side – a two-headed eagle.

According to experts, this coin is made of silver with a small content of palladium and gold which are precious metals.

The value of the coin is 6,000 UAH. Also the expert stated that the ancient coin is of a numismatic value

Thus, under Article 473 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, a protocol on violation of customs regulations was drawn up against the Ukrainian. The coin, prohibited for mailing be the acts of the Universal Postal Union, was seized and sent to the customs office warehouse until the court desicion.

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