Chop customs officials are not asleep, the “catch” worth 200,000

Two customs offenses amounting to almost 200,000 UAH were recorded by Chop customs officers at the borders with Slovakia and Hungary. In one case, a citizen of Ukraine wanted to clear his truck for a nominal price and thus to put in his pocket rather big amount of shortfall. In another one – a Slovak citizen wanted to hide cigarettes from customs control in a trailer bumper.

In the first case, a 24-year-old driver during the clearence of the truck "Volkswagen Transporter" at the customs post "Tisa" provided the relevant documents that indicated a German citizen as the seller, the cost of the vehicle was 57,000 UAH. Of course, the customs officers did not believe in such a symbolic price and decided to check the contents of the driver’s travel bag. In the internal pocket of the bag they found another export cargo declaration by German customs. The cost of truck indicated in it was twice higher – 114,000 UAH. Accordingly, the young man had to pay twice the amount of all necessary customs duties and fees.


Also during the check of another truck at the checkpoint "Uzhgorod", Chop customs using a flashlight and a screwdriver found in the cavity of the rear bumper 167 hidden packs of cigarettes "LM-BLUE LAIBAL" and "LM RED LABEL" with Ukrainian excise stamps.  

Thus, under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, protocols were drawn up against the Ukrainian and Slovak citizens. The truck (costing 114,000 UAH), the hidden cigarettes costing 1,753 UAH and the trailer, used to transport the hidden goods, estimated by commodity experts at 85,000 UAH were seized until the court decision.


Source: Press Service of the Chop Customs

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