Chop customs officers together with SSU prevented an attempt of cannabis importation into Ukraine

In the international checkpoint ‘Tysa’ Chop customs officers together with the Security Service members in the Transcarpathian region prevented the attempt of narcotic substances importation into Ukraine – cannabis, previously hidden in the package of coffee – informs Viktoriia Senhetovska, Chop customs press secretary.

56-year old Ukrainian, returning back home from Italy in a van of ‘Mercedes Benz’ during the customs control declared an insignificant amount of currency and personal things.

However, customs officers decided to check more detailed the luggage compartment of the vehicle in which there were carton boxes with food. The results of the checking were not long in coming. In one of the boxes there were found shredded substances of plant origin of greenish-brown color with a specific smell, wrapped in a transparent package and covered with transparent adhesive tape in the package with coffee.

The weight of identified substance is 20, 9 grams. The conducted express analysis indicated that this substance belongs to the type narcotic drug ‘cannabis’ (marijuana), which is submitted to the list number 1 ‘Especially dangerous drugs which are banned in circulation’ table 1 ‘the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors’ approved Resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine from 06.05.2000, №770.

According to the Part 1 of article 352 of the Customs Code of Ukraine on the customs legislation violation concerning citizens of Ukraine the criminal proceedings are instituted and will be further directed to the law enforcement. 

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