Chop Customs Officers revealed psychotropic pills in one of the international parcels

260 pills of medicinal product «RIVOTRIL», which contain psychotropic substances, were revealed by Chop customs officers in one of the international parcels.

Parcel with personal belongings was transferred by international mail from the Czech Republic to Vinnytsia. During the inspection, among things, and magazines, customs officers revealed eight bottles of 260 pills medicinal product «RIVOTRIL», which contain substance ‘clonazepam’.

The active substance ‘clonazepam’ referred to a list 2 of the table III ‘Psychotropic Substances, the circulation of which is restricted the exclusion of which permitted under a certain control measures’, according to the Cabinet of Ministers 06.05.2000 № 770 ‘On approval of list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors’.

Perpetrator is the Czech Republic citizen, who sent the parcel to Ukraine. The customs officers drew protocol on violation of customs regulation under the Article 473 of Customs Code of Ukraine.

We remind that according to Article 15 p.2.1.1 of the Universal Postal Union Convention (Geneva 2008) the transfer of narcotic substances in all categories of international mail is prohibited – said Victoria Senhetovska, press secretary of Chop customs. 

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