Chop customs officers removed nearly five hundred cell phones

434 cell phones, the total amount of which 630 thousand hryvnia, which our dweller attempted to import on the territory of Ukraine bypassing the customs legislation, were removed by the Chop customs officers on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, – said Viktoriia Sengetovska, Chop customs press secretary.

47-year old citizen of Ternopil coming back from Italy by minibus ‘Mercedes Benz’ stated in the declaration only the foreign currency presence and the absence of any goods subjected to the obligatory taxation during the customs control at ‘Tysa’ checkpoint. However, there were revealed 23 carton boxes in which was a considerable party of 397 brand new mobile phones (‘Nokia’, ‘Samsung’, ‘Sony’ of different models), smart phones and 37 foreingn-made portable computers (such as pen tablet of ‘SAMSUNG’ trade mark) when checking the load compartment. Each box was marked with addresses, names and mobile phones’ numbers.

According to the driver, he was transporting goods on the request of two unfamiliar Ukrainians with whom he accidentally met on the Italian highway. Men asked to deliver the boxes to Ukraine because of their vehicle damage.

Thus, the protocol was drawn in respect of the driver on Article 472 CCU, because he did not provide the accurate information about the transferred goods through the border of Ukraine and did not pay all the required payments.

We want to remind you, that according to the new national legislation when importing on the customs territory of Ukraine goods the total customs value of which should not exceed 500 euro and a weight shuld not exceed 50 kg. 

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