Chop Customs officers found more than 120 boxes of branded clothing

Two cargo vehicles arrived at the customs post "Tisa" of the Chop Customs. For customs clearance, the drivers presented documents, which listed the goods moved by them across the state border of Ukraine. According to these documents, the trailers of the trucks contained raw materials.

However, in the course of customs control, particularly during weighing, differences in weight were revealed. In particular, each of the vehicles contained almost 1.5 tons more products than was stated in the shipping documents.

This difference was the cause of in-depth customs inspection of the trucks. As a result, they found undeclared goods of known brands «Baldinini», «Givenchy», «Fendi», «Roberto Rossi», etc. All the found goods were made in Italy and France.

In particular, they found about 120 boxes of goods: clothes, accessories and shoes.

Currently, the real value of the found products is being established.

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