Chop Customs office conducted mini-football tournament with foreign colleagues

Chop Customs office gathered football players-customs officers from Slovakia, Hungary and Romania for the first time in its history. Interesting international mini-football tournament matches of four teams which were held near the city of Uzhhorod in Sports Complex ‘Zenadin’, dedicated to the 21st anniversary of the Customs Service of Ukraine. 28 participants of different foreign teams demonstrated the audience a decent and fascinating game of the real men. Sportsmen-employees of the regional customs office Cluzh (Romania), the North-Alfedsk Central Regional Directorate of Customs financial health of Hungary, Mykhaylovetskyi Customs (Slovakia) and Chop customs offices passed in front of the central platform to the march sounds accompaniment. At the beginning of the match the Chop customs office head Alexander Pokhil’ko congratulated all those present and guests with their professional holiday and wished the participants success in their competitions.

The best skills in mini-football tournament proved Slovak customs officers football team, who showed performance skill of players, led the game on the counterattack, skillfully ‘finished’ with very opponent. The second place was won the Hungarian customs officers’ team, who also accurately carried the ball into the opponents’ gates and proved that they are in good shape. The third place received Chop customs officers’ team that gave fight back to the foreign colleagues by adding a considerable intrigue in the game, but were unable to catch up on guests by the number scored in the gate ball. The fourth place went to Romanian. The best goalkeeper was defined a Hungarian footballer, scorer – Slovak and player – Chop customs officer. Oleksandr Ivanovych solemnly presented to the winners cups and figurines.

At the end of every sports event manager of neighboring customs office expressed his gratitude Alexander Pokhylko and Chop customs office staff for the excellent organization of the international mini-tournament and expressed their desire to continue such events annually – said Victoria Senhetovska, press secretary of Chop customs.


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