Chop Customs fires the unscrupulous inspectors

16 officials, who violated the civil servants’ oath and insufficiently performed their official duties, were dismissed from the Chop Customs Office since the beginning of this year.

Recently, the foreign car ‘Peugeot’ re-examination, after its customs control realization by the inspector R. was carried out by the Customs Guard employees on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. 1300 foreign production cigarettes packs were found in the cabin, structural cavities and baggage compartment during the re-examination.

Thus, it was revealed that the customs officer failed to comply with the customs legislation requirements and the border and customs control technology at the checkpoints across the state board for the road traffic, when without the proper customs procedures conduction and goods inspection that were transferred by concealing from the customs control in the mentioned car and for less than a minute he allowed this car to move from the customs control zone. This is despite the fact that the given foreign car ‘cruised’ across the border for 16 times during the last 20 days (!).

Despite the analyses and risks conducting, the inspector did not lead the vehicle to a simplified traffic lane ‘green corridor’ in the ‘red corridor’ and did not hold more detailed vehicle inspection for the objects detection that subject the obligatory declaration and taxation or removed with applicable customs legislation violation.

As a result, the criminal case, against the customs officer who was already dismissed on the fact of the official position abuse, was initiated on the Chop Customs Prosecutor’s verification (Part 3, Article 364, the Criminal Code of Ukraine). 

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