Chop customs are among the leaders in introducing electronic declaration

Chop Customs summed up the results of their work for 11 months in 2012. At the beginning of the meeting of the executive staff the chief of the customs agency Oleksandr Pohylko in a festive atmosphere gave 27 cadets, former graduates of the Customs Academy, shoulder straps (they received special rank – customs inspectors of the fourth rank), and 4 new workers sworn the oath of public servant. Customs General wished the young inspectors to continue to faithfully perform their duties, to observe ethics in dealing with citizens, acquire skills and demonstrate excellent performance and self-organization. 
Regarding financial tasks put forward by MOF of Ukraine, as of December 6 this year Chop customs performed them in the amount of 1 bln 374 mln hryvnias, 98% of which has been directed to the formation of the regional budget subsidies. Today 66% of customs clearance of goods is carried out using the electronic declaration.   Chop Customs takes a leadership position among customs authorities in introducing electronic declaration system, which greatly speeds up the clearance of goods.
The Deputy Chief of the Customs Yuriy Fedorchuk reported on the law enforcement aspect of work. So, for the reporting period Chop inspectors have written 2640 protocols on violation of customs regulations in the amount 62.1 mln hryvnias. 
319 administrative cases on customs rules violations have been considered, following which the customs law violators have been penalized for half a million hryvnias. 16 criminal cases for a total of 4.7 million hryvnias have been instituted. 2307 cases amounting to 60.4 mln hryvnias have been submitted to court and judgments on 2746 cases of customs rules violation (including past cases) amounting to 90.9 mln hryvnias have been obtained.  
In November of this year most offenses were related to non-declaration of goods – 98 cases for 1.2 mln hryvnias; procedure of customs control in the "green corridor" – 22 cases, and concealment of goods – 18 cases amounting to 1.5 million hryvnias, – informed Victoria Senhetovska, spokeswoman of Chop customs.

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