Chop Customs accepted new employees (PHOTOS)

These days personnel of the Chop Customs was replenished by 9 new recruits who have recently passed the competition commission in the State Customs Service of Ukraine and by the Order of the President of SCSU were employed for appropriate positions in various departments. 
Every newly adopted employee sworn on oath of public servant.
 Then the head of the Customs Oleksandr Pohylko with the Head of HR Vadim Symchera talked to young professionals and first told them that each of them would be trained by customs specialists, who would teach them all the basics of the very responsible profession to undergo further evaluation. Only then they would be allowed to exercise customs control and clearance of goods crossing the customs border of Ukraine and other functional responsibilities.   
Also, Customs General told newcomers on priorities set by the Customs aimed at maximum simplification and improvement of customs procedures, active cooperation with companies who honestly carry out foreign economic activity. 
Finally, the head of the tax service of Transcarpathia wished his subordinates a progress in acquiring skills, career growth and to stand in defense of the economic interests of the state.
On October 11 Chop Customs announced a new competition to fill 37 vacant positions, and the list and requirements can be found on the official website of the customs office under the heading "Careers" – reported Victoria Senhetovska, a spokeswoman for Chop Customs.


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