Chop border guards did not pass through the border undervalued concrete mixer

A double set of documents with a low price on the concrete mixer of DAF brand – from 322 thousand to 102 thousand – was revealed by ‘Tysa’ checkpoint inspectors during the customs control.

To the customs territory of Ukraine from Italy on the address of one of the Lutsk firms (customer) with the Italian transit numbers transmitted truck (concrete mixer), which costs 10,200 euro, the seller of which was indicated British company. However, customs officers discovered another set of documents with the invoice for this vehicle but already with a different specified price – 32 000 euro when checking bags of the driver. According to the official papers seller-sender was an Italian firm and customer-receiver – Kyiv citizen.

Therefore for providing customs officers with false information regarding customs, destination and value of the vehicle with respect to our dweller was drown a protocol on violation of customs legislation under Article 483 Part 1 of ISU. This article provides 100% fine ranging from the value of the offense and the confiscation of the vehicle.

Concrete mixer (2006 year of release) was removed until the court’s decision – informed Victoria Senhetovska, press secretary of Chop customs.

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