Chop border guards did not let illegal immigrants from the Caucasus to get to Germany

Today, August 28, about five o’clock in the morning, border guards of the Chop Detachment arrested another "duo" of illegals.

Having received a signal about triggering of an alarm complex at the site of the "Uzhgorod" department, an operational group with a dog was immediately sent there. In a few minutes, the border guard unit found the "tourists" who were hiding behind trees. Two unknown men without documents told border guards that they were from Georgia and admitted that they intended to illegally cross into Slovakia in search of a better life. The detainees planned their route using a printed photo of the border area taken from the internet service Google maps. The end-point of their trip was to become Germany.

In order to establish the circumstances of the offense and draft legal documents, the men were taken to the unit. The decision on legal liability and further fate of detainees will be taken in court.

By the way, during the current year, border guards of the Chop detachment have arrested 29 people from Georgia.

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