Chop border guards detained four citizens of Moldova

Last weekend border guards of the Chop detachment stopped two attempts to illegally cross the border outside checkpoints.

In the first case in the area of ​​cross-border service "Guta" two Moldovan citizens who intended to illegally get to Slovakia were detained near the border. In the second case, border guards of "Uzhgorod" department stopped the illegal journey to the EU of two Moldovan citizens, whose motion was recorded in the darkness by signaling devices. None of the detainees had any documents or identity. 

After detaining all offenders were taken to departments to clarify the circumstances and making administrative and procedural documents. Decision on their fate will be made in court.

In addition, in two days the border guards, together with representatives of the customs checkpoints "Tisa" and "Mali Selmentsi" stopped the transportation of 159 psychotropic pills – informed the press service of the Chop border detachment.

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