Chocolate Easter eggs by Shtefanyo

Famous Uzhgorod chef Valentin Shtefanyo traditionally made an Easter egg – this year’s composition is called "Easter Cabinet". 

Фото 1 2019р

It is a large chocolate egg with drawers made of the same material, which are filled with colorful Easter eggs (also made of chocolate). More than 17 kg of chocolate was used to make the product, which is almost a meter high.   

Фото 2 2009р


By the way, in 2009, Valentin already made a similar chocolate Easter egg with drawers, which was presented in the Ukrainian House at the Easter Fair. But that one had a Ukrainian ornament, and the three drawers that resembled winding stairs were filled with Easter eggs and white chocolate chips.   

In 2017, he made "Friendship of Peoples" 

Фото 3 2017р

As the chocolate master explained to us, Transcarpathia is a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional region, but all people live here peacefully. Therefore, the three chocolate Easter eggs are different in style and size, but are united in one 2.5-meter-high composition. Three – because there is a saying: God loves Trinity, Valentin says. To all, they were decorated with flowers. 70 kg of black and 2 kg of white chocolate was used for the composition. They were working on it for almost a week. The assembling took 4 hours. That’s because no additional metal structures were used, only chocolate.

In 2016, the chef made "Explosion of Feelings"

фото 4 2016р


– a chocolate Easter egg, which was more than a meter high, with a branch of sakura tree and "explosions" filled with pink Easter eggs. 17 kg of black and 3 kg of white chocolate was used for the composition. "You can see holes from "explosions". It is symbolic, because everything awakens in spring. It is a sort of explosion of color, life, energy – Valentine says. – And the branches of the Japanese cherry on the egg are a pink symbol of Uzhgorod, which is one of the reasons to visit our city in spring."

In 2015, Valentin made a chocolate egg, stuffed with small Easter eggs, each of which had its own niche. Each one was wrapped in golden foil

Фото 5 2015 рік

In 2014, the Uzhgorod confectioner made for Easter a 30-kilogram chocolate Easter egg dedicated to the memory of the Heroes of the Heaven’s Hundred 


Фото 6 2014р

Rebars from the Maidan were used as decorations for the symbolic Easter egg.

Photos by V. Glagola, M. Fedchyk and F. Shandor

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