Chock-a-block busses in Vynohradiv like a Ukrainian fairytale on the “stuffed mitten”

This is not a modern interpretation of the children’s tale, but a harsh reality for residents of seven villages in Vynogradiv district where only 1 regular bus serves 10 thousand people.
The carrier simply refuses to provide transportation services because of the road condition. All the citizens of Vynohradiv district are very well aware of the road to Pushkino village. The roads here are not only demolishing the cars but recently have also become the reason for regular transport limitation. 

The bus is designed for about 40 passengers, but during "rush hours" in the morning it turns into a fairy-tale mitten that accommodates everyone.   

In summer, when it’s very hot, many people simply cannot stand up choking. The situation will be really intolerable with the start of the school year on September 1. The carriers promise to resume regular trips to Pushkino village once the roads are repaired. But, as it is generally known, the maintenance of the roads is not done "so quickly". 


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