Children of UzhNU teachers will be paying less for tuition

As UzhNU Rector, PhD, Professor Fedir Vashchuk promised, the implemention of various social measures for the university employees has begun. Thus, the corresponding unprecedented agreement with the workforce is being implemented, whereunder the management of the university incorporates a number of benefits and priveleges for the faculty and other employees of UzhNU.

One of the first decisions of the Rector in this regard has become the decree "On the establishment of tuition fee for children of UzhNU employees." This decree provides gradual granting of privileges concerning tuition fee for children of education staff.

Students shall pay 50% of the fee if both parents work at the university on a regular basis, and if one parent has been working at UzhNU over 20 years on a regular basis.

Later, provided there is no budget deficit in general and special funds, other stages of granting privileges to other categories of UzhNU employees will be implemented.

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