Chief Uzhgorod bear is in trouble again – his back was broken (PHOTOS)

We want to remind you that the former Uzhgorod Mayor Sergei Ratushniak planned to create a symbol of the city for tourists and for this role the bear was chosen. However, locals were not very pleased with this animal sculptures and the police officers did not have time to catch hooligans who were destroying them. The chief bear near the City Hall earned even worse fame. Its murals have caused even the protest. He was called bear-con among people because of his ‘tattoos’ on the back.

Later on it was decided to repaint the bear and change its dislocation. Therefore he became ‘zero’ bear, that is the starting point from Uzhgorod to different parts of the world and was dwelt on the so-called ‘tsaplia’.

But, as it can be seen from the photos, he is not very respected there. Unknown broke the plaster bear’s back and used the figure’s emptiness as a trash bin.

This was not noticed for a long time, because the hole is not visible from the street. But it is not clear why the police who patrolling the area was not informed about this incident. Besides, the police officers very often came on this ‘tsaplia’ and they were supposed to see the hole in the bear. Young people, who always rejoice in this place, are also indifferent to the bear’s fate. 



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