Chief taxman’s wife led her husband into top three richest officials

The magazine "Focus" has published a rating of 30 richest families of Ukrainian ruling elite.

Elena Horoshkovskaya, the wife of the First Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky, secured the first place for her family. Her income comprises 50 million UAH. The most mysterious personality of the country, according to magazines, is the director of media group UA Inter Media Group Limited, which in particular includes the TV channel "Inter". She took this position after her husband’s transition to public service.

The wife of the State Tax Service chairman has taken the second line of the rating, having earned 21 million UAH for the last year.

And, finally, the wife of the head of the National Bank Sergei Arbuzov closes the top three with an income of 9 million UAH. By the way, Irina Arbuzova’s income according to the declaration, is four times higher than the income of her husband, who is a banker. At the same time, among the declarations, analyzed by the magazine, Arbuzov’s salary is the highest: 142 000 UAH per month.

One of the few who is not ashamed to admit that his wife earns more is the president. However, the lion’s share of the revenue was the royalties – more than 16 million UAH, and the income of his wife is more than 420,000 UAH.


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