Chief Doctor Interim of Uzhgorod City Children’s Hospital admitted that they have cockroaches

Recently the mass media informed that the City Children’s Hospital is teeming with cockroaches. decided to find out what is wrong and why there is a bunch of insects in the hospital.

Yuriy Ivanovych Nebesnyk, a head of resuscitation department and chief doctor interim of Uzhgorod City Children’s hospital said that there really could be seen cockroaches. ‘There is only a few of them. We make disinfections annually at the end of August and at the beginning of September.

Cockroaches disappear for several months, but then appear once again. Another reason for appearance of these insects is our catering department. The building is old and it has old sewage system, so they live there. But now the city government promised to give money for the premises repair. We hope that this will improve the situation’.

‘I have been there with a child for nearly two weeks. – said Olha. – Sometimes we can see cockroaches, but not too much. They get out mainly in the evening and at night’.

Medical Personnel said that sometimes they buy products for the destruction of cockroaches at their own expense, but it is not always effective. It is explained in the hospital that parents often bring food, which attract insects.

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