Cherry tree fell down in front of the entrance hall door in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

After a couple of weeks of prolonged heat, the weather shows its claws… Unexpected thunderstorms, heavy rains and storms bring a lot of troubles and damages for residents of the region.

Thus, readers informed that due to bad weather which took place in Uzhgorod on the night of July 14 on July 15, barrel of an old tree fell down and barred the entrance to one of the entrance hall on Odessa Street. Fortunately, nobody got injured from this accident.

A resident of the first floor of the building 33A on Odessa Street, near windows of who was growing old Cherry tree, which could not stand the pressure of bad weather, said: ‘A tree fell down approximately at 1 a.m. in the night from Saturday to Sunday. It was hit by lightning. Neighbors told that at this time they saw sparks that fell from the tree’.

The woman also added that the tree lay under her windows all day in Sunday. ‘To clean it started only today. But yesterday was a day off’ – justifies public utilities the resident.

Meanwhile, another woman, the public utilities employee, confirmed that they started to liquidate the tree this morning. ‘By the end of the day it must be completely removed’ – she added.

Meanwhile, according to, another tree almost fell on the tent with people at the stadium ‘Avtomobilist’ during the biker’s festival ‘Goral Music Avia Bike Ukraine’ at the same night. 


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