Charm for soldiers from children of Storozhnytsia (PHOTOS)

The events taking place in eastern Ukraine have affected all of us.  Each of us is grateful and prays for those men who are defending our freedom. Everyone is trying to help our army.

Employees of the House of Culture in the village of  Storozhnytsia, the village library and the PEI "Sonechko" organized a campaign "Charm for a soldier. Storozhnytsia."  To hold the campaign, they found abroad a benefactor who wished to remain anonymous.  He gave 26 shirts for our soldiers. During the event, children drew charms on these T-shirts and on paper, wrote their wishes for the soldiers, for their heroes. No one stood aside. Eveybody was writing and drawing. From small children to the librarian and director of the House of Culture.

After the campaign, all T-shirts and drawings of children were brought to volunteers of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers, who will deliver them to our soldiers in eastern Ukraine. We hope that T-shirts and drawings of children will warm them up.

On this occasion, the director of the Culture House in Storozhnytsia Yosyp Posypanka thanks our benefactor, and expresses great appreciation to all the volunteers who help those people who need help.

Glory to Ukraine!!!



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