Charitable component of Uzhhorod Parade of brides

Volunteers from the Parade of brides’ box are gathering money for abandoned children, who are in Uzhgorod Children’s Hospital. Traditionally, the first few hryvnia were put to the charity box by the parade organizers.

‘This is for good luck’, – said Rostyslav Bulanov.

‘This is for small children, whose parents abandoned them and there is none who can help them’, – added Serhii Denysenko.

‘We have planned the charity campaign since the first parade and we rely on citizens’ support’, – pointed out Fedir Shandor.

This time 3 volunteers, girls in t-shirts with a parade of brides’ logotype have been gathering charitable funds in the city center since 10 a.m. The main contribution is expected traditionally in the final of the holiday, when all 150 brides will gather on Teatralna Square to dance ‘shorovyi’ dance. According to the Transcarpathian custom a dance with a bride is paid.

Therefore, the parade organizers have purchased refrigerator, electric stove, diapers and medicines to the children’s hospital for the past 4 years.

The parade organizers urge to be merciful and generous.

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