Championship of Ukraine on the mountain race successfully started in the village of Uzhok

The first stage of the Championship of Ukraine on the mountain race ‘Beskyd-2012’ started in the picturesque village of Uzhok in Velkyy Bereznyy district on Sunday, April 29. The competitions of brave and endurance are dedicated to 430-year anniversary of the village Uzhok caused the great interest not only of locals, but also the racing fans from different part of Transcarpathia, Lviv region and even from the capital. An extremely interesting and full of spots enthusiastic actions that ended with the award ceremony of the winners has been lasted since 8 a.m. up to late time.

The Federation and athletes use for the third time in a row this four kilometers asphalt highway for individual race against time with separate start they took fancy of which, is not by chance – they found here all the necessary parameters of difficulty, elevation of more than 200 meters, twisting paths and wonderful natural beauty (the snow-capped Carpathians are seen on the background of blossomed cherries far away).

The fans with photo and video cameras settled down almost along the entire length of the road, which consists of more than two dozen turns that are divided almost equally into the right and left. They watched with a great interest two races of free training on the start, supported sportsmen on the two qualifying, of three scoring and some additional the best uphill racers, who fought for awards in the absolute championship.

The special interest has got the high speed part of the road, where the leaders demonstrated very creepy ‘turns’, as far as on the approaches to the Uzhok pass the rocky abysses are near the road. But automatic pilots, who were going without navigators according to the competitions terms, perfectly cope with the highway, trying to win in the absolute score and in four classes as well (four-wheel drive vehicles are started in A4, and in another three – two-wheel drive vehicles).

The current champion of the mountain races Vladimir Petrenko from Kyiv, with whom competed with dignity Mykola Ilnytskyy, Mykhailo Servetnyk, Sergey Nimets, Mykhailo Chorne, who also gained high positions, confirmed his grade and became the winner in the absolute score among 27 teams. The only female racer Marianna Gnatkevych from the city Lviv (class A2, VAZ 2108) also climbed on the podium.

Mrs. Marianna said that she is not afraid at all to deal with such roads: ‘I’m involved in this sport only for three years, but I feel enjoyment and satisfaction. My husband helps me in the rally, he serves me in the role of navigator. The track is an extremely interesting, the small pebble, on which the wheels are slipped, did not allow to develop the speed’…

All the services optimally operated during the competition, and the firefighters even took part in the successful fire suppression of farm building with hay near the stadium, which had a danger to set a fire on the neighboring houses. Fans are also joined to the firefighters. 

На урочистому відкритті гонок.

On the official races opening. 

Спортсменів віта Михайло Кіндрат - перший заступник голови Великоберезнянської РДА.

The First Deputy Head of Velykyy Bereznyy Region Mykhailo Kindrat congratulates sportsmen. 

Один з натхненників ужоцької гонки Сергій Трутнєв - президент Закарпатського обласного автомобільного клубу (у центрі).

The President of Transcarpathian Regional Auto Club (in the center) Sergey Trutniev one of the masterminds of races in the village of Uzhok.

Цього дня в Ужку всі раділи автогонщикам.

Everybody was glad to see racer this day.

Всі посішають на місце старту.

All in rush to the start place.

Настанови перед стартом.

Instructions before the start. 

Круті віражі добре було видно з високих круч.

The steep turns clearly visible from the high hills.

Коли у селі задиміла господарська будівля...

When the farm building set on fire in the village.

На найвищій сходинці - абсолютний переможець Володимир Петренко.

On the highest step – the absolute winner Vladimir Petrenko.

Задоволений другим місцем Михайло Чорней.

Mykhailo Chorney is satisfied with the second place.

Нагорода імениннику дня.

The awarding of the birthday man.

Автографи юним прихильницям автоспорту.

Autographs to the young car sport fans.

Хочемо також стати гонщиками!

We also would like to become racers! 


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