Central Election Commission wants to change the law

The Central Election Commission initiates amendments to the law on the Parliamentary Elections, according to Radio Svoboda. Proposals have a technical character and they are not related to the conceptual provisions of law according to the CEC deputy head Andrii Mehera. It deals with the necessity to settle the election campaign, the electoral financing process, the propaganda posters printing, etc. However, the government and opposition representatives are convinced that it is inappropriate to change the law.

The opposition representative the NUNS deputy head Taras Stetskiv compares the interference in the electoral law in which the Constitutional Court has already interfered with the Pandora box’s opening. He defines the current law as imperfect, but generally acceptable to the opposition.

The similar opinion has the deputy head of the Regional Party Vadym Kolesnichenko, who believes that interference in the existing legislation may make it unbalanced, and the issue to which offers to return CEC does not have a significant impact.  

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