Central Election Commission decided the date of election campaign start

The election campaign for the deputies to Verkhovna Rada election will start on July 30.

This is included into the calendar plan of the preparation and holing of elections on October 28, which is published on the CEC website.

According to the plan, the CEC has to announce the start of the election process no later than July 28.

According to the Electoral Law, elections are held in a mixed proportional and majority system – 225 members in the nationwide multi-district based on the party list and single member constituencies.

The nomination of candidates based on party lists and single member constituency starts from July 30 and ends on August 9th. Candidates may be nominated by the district parties majority or nominate their own candidacy.

In contrast to all the previous parliamentary elections the Central Election Commission, not the district election commissions will register candidates, who are running the elections by the majority system.

The documents for the party lists registration and candidates in majority districts have to be submitted to the CEC not later than August 13, after which the CEC have to make a decision on registration or refusal in registration not later than on the fifth day.

Two more days are given to the correction of mistakes and inaccuracies in the documents submitted for the candidates’ registration. Thus, the candidates for deputies’ registration should be completed by August 20.

Parties and candidates in the single mandate constituencies are entitled to start election campaign from the day after the registration.

Elections will be held on October 28, the CEC should set the official election results by November 12 and announce them in the newspaper ‘Golos Ukrainy’ and ‘Uriadovyy kurier’ not later than in five days after the decision on the election results, that is not later than November 17.


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