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Transcarpathian women that dramatically changed their lives


These women dedicated a good chunk of their lives to one profession and then dramatically changed their lives in a very unexpected way. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day the “Zamok” spoke with Transcarpathian women who had the courage to choose the other way in life, and have never regreted it. And also they shared their views on the 8th of March.

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House in the downtown. Legal proceedings between the owners and city authorities for a dwelling in historic part of Uzhgorod are lasting for years


Real estate in the center of all the city has always been under scrutiny of enterprising people. Especially when you can just take it away instead of buying it. The Panusovs family from Uzhgorod believe that that is what they want to do with them – to evict them from their own home, because some people want to see the store in their house.

The holiday was a success: Mikolajczyk’s playground may have more towers!


Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk already sums up his Second charity reception held on 20.12.2012. In general, he decided that it can be considered as successful as the previous one, which was aimed at raising funds for the installation of safe pedestrian crossings near schools. This time the goal was no less extensive – building the best playground in the city. At the auction within the reception, four towers of the playgrounad were sold – buyers now have the right to give them names of their choice, and their children can even personally install a special plaque at the opening. However, Mikolajczyk’s headquarters send news: interest in the project has not abated and some people have volunteered to further support this idea. So there may be more towers on the playground… Meanwhile Mikolajczyk tells who made the construction of the playground possible.

Spicy village: residents of Velyka Dobron produce 150 tons of paprika every season


The village of Velyka Dobron in Uzhgorod district of Transcarpathia is a Ukrainian paprika capital. A special variety of red peppers is cultivated here on hectares of land, and ground pepper amounts to hundreds of kilograms. Fragrant and colorful spices – ground pepper is not just the main income of the village, but already a real brand: Dobron paprika spices dishes not only in Transcarpathia.

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The whole point is in iodine


Transcarpathians are at risk of mental retardation, but people can prevent it relying solely on their own mind.