Uzhgorod chain stores “For rent” (PHOTOS)


In Uzhgorod, as in any other modern city, network facilities are quite common. Each resident can easily name a few brand chain stores, coffee shops, banks and other commercial establishments. But there is one “chain” which few people pay attention to, even though it is quite massively represented on the streets of our city. Those are premises that are not used as intended and are passively looking for masters. This phenomenon has been popularly dubbed chain stores “For rent”. In this article we will focus on some of them, because it is virtually impossible to cover all of them due to their enourmous amount and geographic distribution.

A vivid example is located on Panas Myrny street. Here, on the ground floor of the historical building, the premises with all amenities, independent heating and a private entrance in area of ​​87 square meters has been lying vacant for quite a while. By calling the specified phone number we found out that the monthly rent of this “treasure” is $ 500.

Kiosk dominance in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)


In addition to unfinished and abandoned “phantom” buildings, the appearance of Uzhgorod is rather heavily spoiled by various kinds of small architectural forms or kiosks. They not only look as foreign objects in once harmonious “body” of city streets, but, sometimes, “steal” from us a very important part of urban space – sidewalks and green areas.

A vivid example of that is the coffee shop “Medellin” on Nezalezhnist embankment, near the hotly debated on the Internet construction site. This wooden structure not only does not fit in the architectural ensemble of the street, but also takes up a significant chunk of the sidewalk.

“Phantoms” of Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)


Probably each of us at least once a week notices terrible unfinifhed or outright abandoned buildings on the streets of Uzhgorod. Some of them were once started and then, for some reason, the projects were discontinued. Others just came in disrepair due to lack of maintenance and not being used as intended. Those will be discussed in this piece. Interestingly, many of the abandoned unfinished buildings apparently are owned by the same group of persons who in different ways took them away from the community or the former owners. However, unfortunately, the “recipients” can not boast the quality of management.

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“I am still listed as missing.” Uzhgorod resident Dmytro Holovaty miraculously escaped from the “Ilovaisk mousetrap”


31-year-old Uzhgorod resident Dmytro Holovaty in 2004 served 8 months as a peacekeeper in Iraq, however, he could not have imagined that he would have to go through war not there but at home. Dima miraculously escaped from the “Ilovaisk mousetrap”. Currently, he and other wounded soldiers is being treated in a military hospital in Mukachevo, had some operations on the hand. He still cannot control injuried fingers and constantly hears noise in the head. But the worst thing is that he just can not sleep without sedation, because every night he dreams again and again that he is attacking…

How Ukrainian “junta” repaired Russian school in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)


Uzhgorod school №3 recently became the object of Internet memes in social networks. Thanks to the blogger Serhiy Denisenko, the entire Ukraine got to know that, as it turns out, the “junta” in the west of our country is actively repairing a school… with Russian language of teaching. Jokes aside, it was a really serious work done in the school and on September 1, children came to already renovated school. It was made possible due to the cooperation of Transcarpathia with Czech Vysocina region.

According to the headmistress of the school №3 Svitlana Fesenko, it was last year when the school was included to the program of the Ukraine-Czech Charitable Foundation “Viza”. Then, at expense of the Foundation and the regional council, they renovated one wing of the school, which was actually falling apart and had long been closed. Also one of the classrooms was furnished with modern furniture, equipment, stands and more. The medical office and bathroom were renovated. This year, they began repairing the facade, replacing the roof and installing lighting. Also, the old inscription: Jubilejní škola Masarykova 1932 was restored on the wall of the school. The school was built in 1932, funded by the Czechoslovak government, as a public school where children of both Uzhgorod residents and Czech officials were studying. From 1935 to 1938, it was a high school named after TG Masaryk and was popularly called “Masaryk’s school.” The work on repairing the institution will continue next year.