Carriers will pay about 2 million of fines, thanks to Ukranian Transport Inspectorate

This year, inspectors of Ukranian Transport Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region have checked 4150 vehicles engaged in road transportation of passengers and goods in the territory of Transcarpathia. As a result, they have issued 2559 orders for administrative and economic penalties totaling 1,877,871 UAH (429,340 UAH in 2012). This was announced by the head of the Office of Ukranian Transport Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region Serhiy Slobodyanyuk in an interview to the Europe – Center.

35% of sanctions concern motor carriers which are residents of Ukraine, 65% – which are non-residents. "Because of that, we are probably a unique region – most of sanctions concern foreign entities"S.Slobodanyuk said.

Despite such solid figures, the main "inspector" of Transcarpathia convinces "Among other regions, our office is different in that in our work we focus on preventive rather than punitive measures."

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