Carpathian Gold: 5 best parks in Transcarpathia

Golden autumn in the Carpathian Mountains is a great season for getting closer to nature, it’s a good time to visit the unique natural parks that will soon be covered with snow until spring.

Tourinform Transcarpathia continues to tell about the unique places of the Ukrainian Carpathians, this time we present information about natural parks in our region.

National Park Synevyr


One of the most famous parks in Ukraine, located in Mizhhirya district and part of Khust district of Transcarpathian region. Most of the territory of the National Park is located within the Inner Gorgany Mountains. Most of the territory of the National Nature Park "Synevyr" is occupied by conifers, mostly spruce forests. Old forest, beech virgin forests, that are the UNESCO World Heritage Site, are located on the territory of the park.

You can visit the rehabilitation center for brown bears, the museum of timber floating. The unique village of Kolochava is located in the park, where you can visit museums, in particular, "Old Village", which presents the culture and life of Transcarpathians.

Address of the park: Transcarpathian region, Mizhhirya district, the village of Synevyrska Polyana

How to get there? The best way is by car, by bus, distance from Uzhgorod is 174 km, distance from Lviv is 252 km.

Uzhok National Nature Park


An incredibly beautiful park on the border of three countries: Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland. The territory of the park in July 2007 was included into the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites "Beech Virgin Forests of the Carpathians".

You can see here not only the beauty of the golden autumn, but also the unique old beech forest. The nature and historical and cultural heritage of the park attracts the attention of many researchers, nature lovers, tourists not only from Europe but also from different parts of the world.   

You should visit the wooden temples in Boyko and Lemko styles in the villages of Kostryno, Sukhy, the temple in the village of Uzhok (a monument from the UNESCO list), Sil, Husny and others.

Address of the park: Transcarpathian region, Velyky Berezny district

How to get there?

by car, distance from Uzhgorod is 80 km, distance from Lviv is 160 km.

by train from Lviv to the station Uzhok, Volosyanka, Zhornava, Kostryno.

Schönborn Park


Schönborn Park on the territory of Perechyn district is a gem of park art throughout the year. During the golden autumn in the Carpathians, it is special. Favourite among artists. In the center of the park, there is a man-made lake with mountain water.

In the Schönborn Park you can stroll on wide alleys, admire the lake, walk on the bridges, see the druid calendar in the Celtic Garden and visit the operating water mill. The park was restored in 2013. Artists, sculptors and restorers took part in the process of park development.

Address of the park: Transcarpathian region, Perechyn district, the village of Turia-Pasika

How to get there? The best way is by car, distance from Uzhgorod is 42 km, distance from Lviv is 240 km. 

National Nature Park "Zacharovany Krai"

Зачарований край

The park is a nature conservation, recreation, cultural and educational, research institution of national importance and is a part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine. The nature of the park in the autumn period is especially fascinating.

On the territory of the national nature park "Zacharovany Krai", there are unique natural objects such as the geological reserve of the national significance "Zacharovana Dolyna" and the hydrological nature monument of the national significance "Chorne Bahno Bog". You can also book a tour.

Address of the park: Transcarpathian region, Irshava district, the village of Ilnytsya

How to get there? The best way is by car, distance from Uzhgorod is 95 km, distance from Lviv is 274 km.

Kuziy Park


The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and one of its parts – the Kuziy tract – are especially picturesque in the autumn period. A great opportunity to see golden autumn and colorful leaves of unique relict and endemic trees, including beech virgin forests, yew, ash, sycamore, linden and larch.

The tract is surrounded by steep mountains, the ridges of which are covered with age-old virgin forests, predominantly oak and beech trees. The rocky ridge of the Jurassic period limestone is a beautiful view.   You can book tours on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

Address: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Kuziy tract, between the villages of Luh and Khmeliv.

How to get there? The best way is by car, distance from Uzhgorod is 180 km, distance from Lviv is 310 km.

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