Carpathian brand will promote traditional products

In Uzhhorod a working meeting "Development of the Carpathian brand for local food" for interested parties, producers, scientists and tourism experts was held to discuss the creation of the Carpathian brand.

During the meeting, FiBL project coordinator Natalia Prokopchuk presented recent decisions of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO, Switzerland) with respect to the idea of ​​a future project development of the Carpathian brand for food products.

As the FiBL project leader Tobias Ayzenring informed, food from the Carpathian Mountains is in high demand not only among Ukrainian consumers but also among many foreign tourists. The value of the Carpathian landscapes, culture and tradition form the basis for valued food, which is an important capital and a significant source of income for the region.

According to the head of the Tourist Information Centre of Transcarpathia Alexander Koval, today one of the key prerequisites for improving the competitiveness of traditional goods and services produced in Transcarpathia, both in domestic and foreign markets, is to improve the assessment of their quality and the  prestige of consumption.

Consuming products made in the Ukrainian Carpathians, and for us – in Transcarpathia, very soon will become prestigious. Ecological conditions of cultivation, traditional and natural technologies of production will shape the marketing value and added value. Consumers in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa know what the Carpathians are, but few know what is produced in the Carpathians.

According to UzhNU Provost, the head of the department of tourism Fedor Shandor, in recent years in Transcarpathia several unique projects have been created, not only for Transcarpathia, but also for Ukraine in general. These are above all the only Carpathian cheese factory in the village of Nyzhnye Selishche, honey tasting room, and lekvar (jam) tasting room.

Today, the list of promising groups of goods which can be combined by a Carpathian brand is being formed. The project realization area will be four regions of the Ukrainian Carpathians – this was reported to "Tourinform Transcarpathia".

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