Cargo valued at nearly 3.5 million UAH detained at checkpoint “Tisa” (PHOTOS)

A truck driven by a citizen of Ukraine, en route to Ukraine, arrived at the border customs control at the checkpoint "Tisa". According to the shipping documents in the trailer of the vehicle there were "accessories and supplies for hairdressers" – the press service of Chop border detachment informs. But taken the fact that the guards had had prior information about the possible carrying of goods across the border violating the applicable law, the head of border details together with the Customs officers immediately made a statement for an in-depth inspection of the vehicle.

During the implementation of border customs control and in-depth examination with the complete unloading of the goods it was established that the total amount of goods, which were being moved to the territory of Ukraine in the truck of brand "SCANIA", included 282 sets instead of 230, which is 52 items more than stated in the shipping documents. There were also found cardboard boxes with undeclared goods, which were inside the cargo compartment of the car and the trailer among boxes with the declared goods.
 Excluding taxes and fees the value of the goods is more than 3.4 million hryvnia, and the truck with a semi-trailer was evaluated at nearly 300 000 hryvnia.


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