Can the unique Templar castle in Transcarpathian region not be restored?

The Castle of the Knights Templars, wine cellars, which supplied the intoxicating nectar to the tables of European kings and Peter the Great, and also friendly people who do not sit idly by a single day – this is what the village of Serednye in Transcarpathia is famous for – the Radio Svoboda informs.

The area of ​​today’s settlement was inhabited in ancient times – during excavation, they found there objects of Neolithic period, dating from the IV millennium BC.

However, Serednye is known not for ancient settlement but for the castle that, according to experts, is currently the only such castle in Ukraine. It was built by the Knights Templars as early as in the twelfth century. They used the castle as a customs post, and sometimes as a place of accommodation of small garrison troops. It is the only castle in Transcarpathia, where features of the Romanesque style are preserved in rough form. Today he is considered one of the main attractions of the region, although it is in a dilapidated condition.

The head of Serednye village Emerich Krytskiy says that his biggest dream is to attract European grants for at least some restoration in the castle. The problem is that, despite all attempts, so far they have failed to find any legal documents for the facility. Without them, they can not sign an agreement with any organization or foundation.

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