Cabinet of Ministers intends to consider controversial bill on higher education

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to consider a bill on higher education at its meeting on October 3.
This was informed by the Vice-Prime Minister Serhiy Tigipko, wrote "Ukrainian News".

"This bill will be considered in next Wednesday’s Cabinet session," – said Tigipko.

The Vice Prime Minister stressed that in case of a positive decision on the Bill by the Government he will insist on its early adoption in the Parliament.

"If it is approved by the Cabinet, I will insist that proceedings in parliament would be held as soon as possible, because the public have already discussed it, universities and the working group that worked on it received a lot of reports that helped to improve it. So we can say that public discussion of the bill has been conducted,"- said Tigipko.

However, the Vice Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has their own vision of the bill.

In addition, the Vice Prime Minister is confident that both the parliamentary majority and the opposition should work on this bill in the parliament.


Tigipko predicts that the new law on higher education will be submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers to the Rada in September and the parliament will approve it in October or November.

As you know, Bill of Tabachnik-Zgurovsky on higher education caused massive student protests, and the relevant committee in the parliament also opposed its adoption.

Ukrainska pravda

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