Buy a letter… with threats! Uzhgorod activists organized a charity auction for “antigangster activity”

Absolutely unique offer! One of the leading participants in the Revolution of Dignity in Uzhgorod offers to buy the letter which he received during the election process of 2015.

Pavlo Homonay in his usual manner of healthy humor announced on his facebook:

"Attention, charity auction!

I am selling a letter with threats from Uzhgorod gangster deputies!

Unopened, original postage stamps!

All the money will go for antigangster activity of our organization in the interests of the community.

Voluntary donations are also accepted:

5169 3305 0128 6840 – Privatbank. 

The letter is written in emphasized expressive obscene language, after opening you can enjoy the nostalgic memories of the Soviet Union and roaring 90s".

In short, if you collect "memorabilia of the times" and are willing to help activists in good cause for the city, give you bid!

It is known that similar letters were received during the election campaign by some Uzhgorod activists that disclosed information on the criminal activities of some participants of the election, and so on. The letters contained threats of physical violence. So far, there has been no response from law enforcement.

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