Button ‘eng’ integrates the entire world

‘Do you speak English?’ Millions of people pronounce this phrase all over the world. English has already become an international language, international standard in each country, the first foreign word mastered by children almost from the cradle. If you don’t know the language it now means you live out of pulse, because English is everywhere: in manuals, on signs, in supermarkets, beauty salons, cafes … We say ‘I love you’, ‘Sorry,’ ‘Please’, ‘Lets go’, we sing the lyrics of our favorite songs, quote the authors, actors, cartoon characters … Every citizen of Transcarpathia knows at least several phrases in English. And even more so when ‘Euro-2012’ is almost here, which one can’t even imagine without live conversations in English with foreigners.

And today, April 23, the world celebrates the International Day of the English language. This foreign language is one of the official languages ​​of such international organizations as UN, NATO, UNESCO. English is spoken in science, business, technology, education, commerce, politics, economics and religion. Online network, which destroyed language barriers between all of us, contributed significantly to this. Nowadays uzhgorod.in is the only site in Transcarpathian region, which has an English version. As statistics of requests shows, it is extremely important – we are read throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, Middle and Far East. English dubbing allows people from all around the world find out about Transcarpathia, its historical, architectural, cultural, spiritual and mental values, feel the rhythm of life in our region, its flavor. English is building a true unified linguistic space. A little button ‘English’ on any information portal is another language brick through which the World and Transcarpathia will understand each other better.

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