Branded shoes and clothes at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border (PHOTOS)

Undeclared collectible sports shoes, more than twenty items of clothing of the Italian fashion brand Emporio Armani were seized by inspectors of the Transcarpathian Customs on Sunday (09.08.20) at the customs post "Tisa" on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. 
The violator was a 48-year-old resident of Lviv, who during customs control declared only used items in a few suitcases and boxes. However, customs officers decided to conduct an in-depth inspection of the minibus "Mercedes-Benz" with a full unloading of all things. 
As a result, they found brand new 7 pairs of shoes, men’s sweaters, 11 tracksuits, shorts, a handbag, a jacket (a total of 22 pieces of knitwear) of the famous Italian company Emporio Armani. 
The driver claimed that he did not know about the branded items, which he was just asked to deliver from Naples to Lviv. 
A report on violation of customs rules under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine was drawn up against the carrier. The value of the seized items will be determined by an expert. By the way, the prices of this brand on the Internet range from 7 to 15 thousand hryvnias for one item. 
Press Service of the Transcarpathian Customs of the State Customs Service 


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