Bozdosh Park is ready to open for Uzhgorod residents after the quarantine (PHOTOS)

As of today, the quarantine rules have been relaxed, so Uzhgorod residents can now go for a walk in the parks.

At the beginning of spring, the territory in the Bozdosh Park was landscaped to receive visitors after the quarantine.

And a lot has been done: the park alleys were cleared of bushes, paths near rides were fixed up, overgrowths near pontoon and suspension bridges were cleaned, the suspension bridge itself was also fixed up, preparatory works were carried out for the first park bike path. The area near the mineral water source and the Uzh reserve channel were also cleaned, the central alley and the alley with rides were connected with a pedestrian path. The rides are not open yet, but when the ban is lifted, 3 new rides and a cable car will be available.

Landscaping work will continue to make the Bozdosh Park a truly comfortable recreation area for citizens.
Although the quarantine rules have been relaxed, we advise you to continue to follow safety rules, in particular, to wear protective masks, use antiseptics and maintain social distance.


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