Boy who jumped from a tower block in Uzhgorod had been raped by his own father?

As has already reported, recently a terrible tragic accident happened in Uzhgorod: a 10-year-old boy jumped from the roof of a 9-storeyed building and died.

Unfortunately, most of the media has spread the information only partially, in particular, about the note that the boy allegedly wrote shortly before the tragedy. In the note the boy said that his mother mocked at him and two other children. The note was brought to the investigator by the boy’s father. This demonstrates the preventive actions of the father, that is, more likely he wanted to throw the blame on the mother. But even from the note itself it is obvious that it couldn’t have been written by a 10-year-old child. The handwriting expertise will make the final conclusion. 

We have also found out that the forensic examination determined that the boy had been raped on the eve of the tragedy. By the way, the boy’s father has already been detained for child sexual abuse, including the case when his ex-wife made a statement on the rape of her daughter. Police must take these facts into account and take measures promptly. Now reporters are carrying out a journalistic investigation into the tragedy, so the details will be provided later.


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