Boxes for fundraising for Transcarpathian soldiers will be set up on the western border of the state

 In Uzhgorod Press Club, there was a press conference of the organizers of a special campaign for Transcarpathian soldiers serving in Eastern Ukraine.  The NGO "West-Ukrainian Association of Transit Car Owners" (ZAVTRA) is going to organize a fundraiser for families of killed soldiers from Uzhgorod, Beregovo and Perechyn district.

For this, activists of the NGO "ZAVTRA", with the participation and support of representatives of the Chop customs office, Chop and Mukachevo border guard detachments, the Consulates General of the Slovak Republic and Hungary in Uzhgorod, plan to put portable box for fundraising at all the checkpoints within the Transcarpathian region. Representatives of the NGO "ZAVTRA" Pavlo Biletsky and Vasyl Maradyk told about the campaign in detail.

According to Pavlo Biletsky, members of the organization do not participate in military operation, therefore they want to help families of the killed Transcarpathian soldiers.   

The boxes will be set up at all 8 checkpoints of the region. They will start with the largest ones – in Chop and Uzhgorod on this Friday, June 27.  Vasyl Maradyk said: "The idea is that we want to help the families of the killed soldiers. Of course, no money will bring their loved ones back to life, but we can provide some help. Entrepreneurs have volunteered to help in making special props, the city council will provide small portable transparent boxes that are used during the elections."

The campaign will continue throughout the month.  Every week, organizers promise to provide full reports on the funds raised, the amount will be equally divided between the families. Initially, they wanted to put the boxes inside the checkpoints, but the law does not allow that, therefore the boxes will be standing at the entrance to the checkpoints, where border guards stand, who will be guarding the boxes.  In addition, the customs office volunteered to collect money for these needs separately. 

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