Bouquet from money was found in UzhNU Dean’s office

The student of UzhNU appealed to the regular part of the Organized Crime Control Authority of Ukrianian MIA on June 19 that UzhNU Economics Faculty Dean Vasyl Miklovda received a bribe from her in the amount of $1200 for the passing of examination session on May 21.

The audit has revealed that Dean really demanded and received the previously agreed amount of money as a bribe.

The Economics Faculty Dean received a bribe in the amount of $1200 already from another student on June 19, after what he was detained by OCCA MIA of Ukraine workers in the Transcarpathian region on the scene of the offence.

Thus, as a result of illegal actions Dean received a bribe in the amount of $2400.

The bouquet of flowers made from the money of different values was found in the Dean’s office during the detention. This bouquet was removed in the course of the search.

According to this fact, the criminal case against UzhNU Economics Faculty Dean was instituted on the basis of an offense under the Part 3, article 368 CCU by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office on June 19.

The selection of the preventive measure for Vasyl Miklovdi in the form of collateral was submitted by the investigators in the particularly important cases department of supervision over the legislation implementation in the field of prevention and fighting against corruption and the Prosecutor’s Office investigators. 

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