Borzhava narrow gauge railway will be handed on the Transcarpathian districts balance

The Ukrzaliznytsia representatives, the Head of Irshava DSA, Irshava District Council, Vynogradiv and Beregovo district representatives were gathered at the meeting by the Transcarpathian deputy governor Ivan Bushko in order to discuss the Borzhava narrow gauge railway’s fate. More vividly, is to keep it as a historical heritage. The region and district leaders pursue exactly this goal.  

It was managed to stop the narrow gauge railway removal at this stage. However, the situation is extremely severe on the area where the rails are taken apart, because the removal was carried out by quite a harsh methods, and by no means there were pursued the goal to keep all elements in good condition.  

The position of Irshava district leaders, Viktor Feier and Stanislav Sukhan is categorical: the narrow gauge railway should be transferred on the Regional Administration balance, and consequently on the district one. ‘We are ready to find money in the budget, to save or optimize work somewhere, but keep and protect the narrow gauge railway’, – said Viktor Feier.

Beregovo and Vynogradiv districts support such initiative. They are ready to engage the regional forestry, which would help in keeping the narrow gauge railway. Therefore, they managed to restore the 8 km area on the Beregovo district territory.

The routes on the railway territory saving is extremely important for the dwellers of these three districts. Besides, if the narrow gauge railway were on the region and district balance, it would be easier to attract investors to develop tourism in the region. But this requires the major goal – the narrow gauge railway area keeping from the vandals hands.

It was decided to send a letter to the Ministry of Transport and Regional State Administration Infrastructure that the region is ready to take on the narrow gauge railway balance during the meeting. And the newly formed working group will carry out the relevant calculations.   


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