Border guards told about the results of the operation in Rakhiv district, during which they found large amounts of cash and cigarettes (PHOTOS)

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine along with other law enforcement agencies continues taking measures to counter organized crime at the state border.

In November 2018, during the detention of criminals, a smuggler ran over a border guard, the chief of the "Dilove" department of the Mukachevo detachment, Major Vadim Berezensky, who later died from the injuries.

The Transcarpathian regional police was notified of criminal offenses provided for in Art. 348 "Attack on the life of an employee of a law enforcement agency, member of a public order and state border protection unit or a serviceman", Part 3 of Art. 332 "Illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine", Part 1 of Art. 204 "Illegal manufacture, storage, sale or transportation for the purpose of sale of excisable goods" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Yesterday, within the framework of a joint criminal proceeding, under procedural control of the military prosecutor’s office of the Western region, a joint interagency group consisting of members of the military prosecutor’s office, operational officers of the State Border Guard Service and the special unit "Dozor" conducted searches at 13 addresses in the settlements of Rakhiv, Dilove , Kostylivka, Solotvyno and Nyzhnya Apsha of Transcarpathian region.

As a result of the searches, they found 46,600 euros, 7,380 dollars, a "TT" gun and 7 cartridges to it, two traumatic pistols and 86 cartridges to them, cigarettes (11 boxes) and 2 radio stations. Urgent investigative actions continue, – the State Border Guard Service reported.


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